Hello 2016

At 12:18 PM, I got the call. My beta was 154. Holy shit, I am pregnant.
After almost 2 and a half years of infertility, 28 cycles later, months of crying and praying, this doesn’t seem real.
I know I’m not out of the woods yet and I have to call on Monday to book in my 6 week scan. I was told I did not need to come back for more blood tests which you know is completely okay for an anxiety-ridden person. Not.
Today, I am pregnant and I am hoping against all hope that all goes well. Words just cannot do my feelings justice but oh my god, I am, yeah…
What an amazing way to ring in the new year! I know of the dangers but I am already completely in love with this tiny, little ball of cells that will hopefully become my baby. My little tomato seed. Please stick around, little one.

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