You Don’t Know

…what you think you know.
On Monday, I chose to work from home anticipating that this appointment could go either way. Our appointment was at 2.15 PM and I barely did any work that morning. I just could not concentrate.
Finally, when we arrived I expected to wait between 30 – 45 mins to be seen as Dr. Nice is always running late. However, to my surprise, we were seen on time. It’s practically unheard of with doctors!
He greeted us and didn’t offer congratulations straightaway. He said something along the lines of “Well, it looked like it worked!” and asked us how many frozen embryos we had left. I know this might sound strange to others but I liked that he wasn’t giving us any false hope.
He asked about my symptoms and if I had had any nausea. I told him I’ve felt a bit off now and again but nothing too major. He then mentioned he may have to do an internal scan but that he would start off with the abdominal and see if anything shows up.
I’d prepared myself for the worse so I sat back and tried to will myself to relax so I wouldn’t burst in to tears in front of him if it was bad news. He starts telling us what he sees on the scan, “So there’s the pregnancy sac and right here is the yolk sac and…oh, there it is!”
I was so shocked I actually bolted upright and said “What??” He laughs, tells me to lie back down and says, “Yes, there it is and watch closely, see the heart beating?”
And there it was. The most beautiful sight in the world. The flickering heartbeat of new life on the ultrasound. K had been as nervous as I and was hiding in a corner but when he saw that heartbeat, he ran over to me and the look of awe on his face was priceless.
I may have mentioned this before but the only thing I don’t like about my doctor is that he doesn’t give out a lot of details. He told me the embryo was measuring on track for 6 and a half weeks to 7 (how vague is that??) and that the heartbeat was strong. However, I did not get any actual measurements or number of heartbeats per minute. I should have pushed for more details.
Most FS in Australia are also OBs and I am considering whether to continue antenatal care with him. His services cost a whopping $4,800 OOP which is on the expensive side I’ve been told. I’ve booked in my next scan just in case on the 1st of Feb but I may do some more looking around before then.
I was so convinced on some days that there was nothing there and I’ve never been more ecstatic to be proven wrong. Now I just need to get through another 8 months without letting the crazy get out of control again. Definitely easier said than done but at least for today, I can relax and enjoy the fact that in 8 months time I might finally have a baby.

2 thoughts on “You Don’t Know

  1. I looked and looked all day for this blog. I was at my own appt. refreshing, hoping for good news! Now here I am at 5am laying in bed trying to calm down my own crazy and looked again and am almost in tears! I know we don’t know each other but I am just overjoyed and so thankful you received good news! I will be updating in my appointment later today (you know when it’s not 5am but I also got good news and we are one step further to donor eggs! 😊


  2. Oh, Lavonne thank you so much. You’re so sweet and your comment is heartwarming. That’s so kind of you. I know it’s funny but I too was hoping so much for good news for you and I’m glad to hear that you received it!!! I’m heading over to your blog right now 🙂


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