Still Chugging Along

I went in for my first antenatal appointment on Monday and thankfully the embryo is measuring right on track. However, I did not get to find out what the heartbeat number was again! It was harder for me to see the heartbeat this time, the embryo looked a bit more solid? Dr. Nice pointed it out but it was hard to focus as he kept moving the probe around. K said he saw it and I saw it briefly but it would have been nice to know how strong the heartbeat was. Honestly, the brief moment that I saw it I thought it looked a little slow but Dr. Nice said it looked “beautiful” and was measuring right on time (1.97cm) for 8 weeks 4 days. Sigh I guess I have to trust he knows what he’s doing. We got another ultrasound picture to keep and the blob is starting to look a bit more baby shaped.
Symptoms wise I’ve started having nausea which came on sporadically for a few days then became a constant every day thing. I think mine is quite mild compared to others as I’ve heard horror stories about the morning sickness rendering some women unable to function. Mine is just strong enough to make me uncomfortable but not so much to cause any vomiting or making it hard to work.
What’s bad is the gas and the bloating. Eating full meals is becoming difficult without feeling like a beached whale. I’ve also been dealing with differing levels of fatigue and frequent urination. None of that matters though as long as the baby is happy and sticks around for the long haul.
I go back for another scan in about 2 weeks and a blood test. It’s called the NIPT (Non Invasive Prenatal Testing) test and can even tell you the sex of the baby this early! Dr. Nice was really great throughout the whole appointment and said that anytime we have questions, feel unsure or just want to see the baby on the scan to call them up and they will book us in. He wants us to think of them as a constant support structure so that was lovely.
Today I’m 9 +2 weeks and the nausea has abated slightly which brings back slight crazy fears, but if I didn’t know before I definitely know now that symptoms come and go. I’ve still got my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly but at least for now it looks like it is.

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