TTC Timeline

2006 – 2009: Met my ex at 19 and immediately got on to birth control.
May 2009: Ex dumped me then immediately ran off with “best friend who was just a friend”. Met K at work. Thought he was cute, funny and sweet.
Feb 2010: K and I got together. Found out that he suffered from delayed ejaculation. Decided it wasn’t a problem and loved him anyway. Stopped taking BC and switched to condoms just in case. Ha!
Feb 2013: K proposed in the Botanical Gardens where we had our first date. Surprise romantic proposal at a picnic by the lake was ruined due to rain and my grumpiness at having to trek to the lake in the rain (oops!). Ended up proposing in a quiet corner with a beautiful ring he chose on his own.
May 2013: Brought our sweet British Blue kitten home. Named him Percy. Love at first sight.
Aug 2013: Decided to start TTC as an engaged couple. K sees GP about delayed ejaculation issues and is diagnosed as psychological. Prescribed Cialis which helps! See results almost straightaway. Yay! Start charting and temping right away. Excited about possibility of our child being present at our wedding. Oh the naivety. .
Jan 2014: Unable to shake strange feeling and annoying voice in my head that tells me I will be unable to conceive after the year is up. No reason or logic for it but thoughts keep creeping in to head. Snippet from private diary during this time “I can’t explain it but ever since we started trying properly, I’ve begun to feel like something is wrong. It’s such a strong feeling, almost like I know there is something wrong. Yet I have no reason to believe this.”
Feb to Aug 2014: Freak out a little bit more each month until finally the year is up. Nightmare and fears have come true. Stupid voice in head has won. Trip to GP who orders blood tests for me and SA for K. Ultrasound shows polycystic ovaries but evidence of corpus luteum indicating ovulation. All results deemed normal.
Sep 2014: Meet with first RE Dr L which is disastrous. Overwhelmed and rushed at appointment. Told that IVF is imminent if he finds issues during laparoscopy. Break down and cry a lot.
Oct to Dec 2014: Brain shuts down on all things TTC related. Strongly aversed to thinking about TTC and refusal to acknowledge unexplained infertility diagnosis. K and I have a break from baby stuff and concentrate on upcoming wedding.
Dec 2014: K and I are married! K’s family attends from the UK and my family attends from Malaysia. Have a happy, therapeutic, family filled holiday for 4 weeks.
Jan 2015: Back, refreshed and with a new game plan. Got a second opinion with a new RE who officially diagnoses us at this stage with unexplained infertility. More mentally prepared to handle whatever comes next. Journey to a baby, here we come!
Feb 2015: Laparoscopy, hysteroscopy with dye test all clear. Awaiting results on endometrial biopsy with follow up appointment in April.
Feb 2015: Results are all clear from surgery
March – August 2015: Not ready to start IVF yet so TTC naturally but also mope a lot
September 2015: Make plans to return to my FS for IVF
November 2015: IVF #1 is a go! Start cycling. 29 eggs collected, 22 eggs mature, 13 fertilised. 6 blastocysts frozen on Day 5 and 2 blastocysts frozen on Day 6. Freeze all due to overstimming from drugs but don’t develop OHSS. Recovery from EPU was swift thankfully.
December 2015: FET #1 scheduled. Thawed and transferred one “beautiful” blast

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